Premium Dual Emulsion - Soldier

Soldier Premium Dual Emulsion

Soldier Premium Dual Emulsion is water based multipurpose emulsion paint specially designed for interior as well exterior surfaces providing excellent sheen and dirt pick up resistance along with long lasting performance. An ideal product for application on surfaces in dry or moderately humid climatic conditions.

Features & Benefits

High Sheen
For Interior & Exterior
Five years warranty
Excellent Dirt
Pick Up Resistance
Good Coverage &
Value For Money

Technical Data

Coverage Exterior: 9.30 - 10.22 sq.m./Ltr/coat Interior: 15.80 - 17.65 sq.m./Ltr/coat Thin 50% by Volume with water.
Drying Time Surface Dry: 30 Minutes
Recoating @ 27`+- 2` C & RH 60 +- 5%
Minimum 4-6 hours

Surface Prepration


The surface to be painted must be free from all dust, grease, traces of paint flakes, algae and fungus etc.


The surface previously coated with paint must be cleaned thoroughly with a stiff wire brush to remove dirt, dust, chalking or loose flakes.


Wash thoroughly with water and allow to dry to ensure proper adhesion ofthe new paint system.


In case of fungus aifected area, apply a liberal coat of Nerolac Fungicidal Solution. Allow it to react for minimum of 6-8 h.


For parapet tops and other horizontal surfaces, application of 3 coats is recommended.


All structural cracks must be opened in V shape filled with cement and sand mixture and leakage should be stopped before actual painting.


Freshly plastered surfaces must be allowed to cure completely for minimum of 12 weeks.


For the best performance of paint, ensure proper washing and cleaning of all algae and fungal growth at regular intervals of six months

*Actual coverage may vary depending on method & condition of application, surface roughness

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